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Simba sc yatamba kumfunga Al Ahly kwa Mkapa

Al Ahly’s style of play is not fast and they have been facing difficult times when they play against fast teams such as the game against Wydad Casablanca and that of Mamelodi and even the 1-0 winning game against Simba.
Most of his players have been playing slowly, but more reliably, so they often don’t like to meet a team that has wings who run a lot. That game can be important for attackers like Kibu who has great ability to run and use power.
On his side, he will be fighting with Ahly’s left back, Ali Maâloul, who has a lot of experience in football, but he has been unable to fight with fast and strong players like Kibu, maybe due to being used for a long time and his age of 33 years now.

Full-backs — Ahly have the best full-backs, their style of play is not very different from those of Simba at the moment, Mohammed Hussein and Shomary Kapombe, as they are both capable of attacking more than tackling.
In these parts, Simba should have a more specific strategy on the side where Tshabalala is playing, because most of Ahly’s goals have been scored through Mohammed Hanny, who cooperates well with Pecy Tau, who is Ahly’s star.
On that side, Simba should have one thing, Tshabalala should not climb too much or the winger who plays on him should have a great ability to return to help in the defensive area as Kibu has been doing on his side.

 Al Ahly sc 

Al Ahly sporting Club (Arabic: النادي الأهلي الرياضي), commonly known as Al Ahly, is an Egyptian proficient sports club based in Cairo, Egypt. The club is primarily known for its proficient football group which right now plays within the Egyptian Head League, the most elevated association within the Egyptian football alliance framework. The club is famous for its steady victory at both residential and mainland levels, frequently fighting in CAF competitions.

Founded on 24 April 1907 as a gathering place for Cairo’s Student Unions, Al Ahly has a record of 43 Egyptian Premier League titles, 38 Egypt Cup titles and 13 Egyptian Super Cups. Al Ahly is the most successful club in Africa.

In worldwide competitions, the club has won a record 11 CAF Champions Alliance titles, 1 CAF Confederation Glass, a record of 8 CAF Super Mugs, a record of 4 African Container Winners’ Glasses, 1 Afro-Asian Club Championship, 1 Middle easterner Club Champions Glass, 1 Middle easterner Glass Winners’ Glass, a record of 2 Middle easterner Super Glasses, and has won 3 bronze awards within the FIFA Club World Glass. With 25 official mainland titles. Al Ahly was voted by CAF as the African club of the 20th century.

Foundation and begin of the club

Omar Lotfy, the originator of Al Ahly.

The primary official assembly of the Al Ahly club’s board.

Saad Zaghloul, the minister of instruction, got to be the primary privileged president of Al Ahly.
The thought of building up Al Ahly came within the to begin with 10 a long time of the 20th century and was firstly raised by Omar Lotfy who was a understudy within the Egyptian Law School amid his administration of the Tall School Understudies Club, which was built up in 1905. The foundation of a club for tall school understudies was for political reasons, and the understudies required a sports club to assemble them for relaxation and work out.

He talked about the thought of building up the club with a bunch of companions who were eager almost it, and in 1907 Al Ahly was set up

The club was to begin with headed by Alfred Mitchell-Innes, who was a British advisor to the Service of Back at the time, in arrange to encourage monetary bolster for the club. An official assembly of the club’s board was held on 24 April 1907. The committee met at 5:30 pm within the house of Mitchell-Innes in Giza beneath his chairmanship and the enrollment of Idris Ragheb Bey, Ismael Seri Pasha, Amin Sami Pasha, Omar Lotfi Bek and Mohamed Effendi Sherif as secretary.

After the foundation of the club was affirmed, the most building was planned by modeler Ismail Seri, and changed by Mitchell-Innes. A gracious company on sake of Al Ahly Sports Club was set up. Offers of the company were worth £E5 each, and it was the objective of the club when it was built up to raise £E5,000. As it were £E3,165 were collected over a year, which was not sufficient. This constrained the club to borrow £E1,000 from the National Bank of Egypt in Walk 1908 by Omar Sultan and Idris Ragheb and Talaat Harb contributed £E100 to the foundation of the club.

The primary privileged president of the club was the Serve of Instruction Saad Zaghloul. The title of Al Ahly Donning Club was proposed by Amine Samy Amin, to serve the understudies and graduates of tall schools who were the backbone of the insurgency against the British occupation.[6] On 2 April 1908, Mitchell-Innes ventured down as president of the club. Aziz Ezzat was named as the new president and got to be the primary Egyptian president of Al Ahly. The official opening ceremony of the club was held in its fundamental building on 26 February 1908.

Mokhtar El Tetsh, one of the club legends, is the namesake of the club’s ancient stadium and current preparing ground
The amusement of football was not one of the objectives of the originators of Al Ahly club, but or maybe to open its entryways to understudies of higher schools to meet and hone political discoursed. In any case, the graduates of tall schools who were individuals of the club fell in love with football, which incited Ahly to construct the primary stadium in 1909. At the time , they called it Al-Hawsh; colloquially meaning the patio in Egyptian Arabic. The stadium was improved over the a long time, in the long run getting to be Mokhtar El Tetsh Stadium.

The primary official football group was built up in 1911. The group was primary and auxiliary school players who played football ball in Al-Hawash, which was set up in 1909 within the club’s arrive. The names of the primary players of Al Ahly were as takes after: Hussain Higazi, Abdel Fattah Taher, Fouad Darwish, Hussein Mansour, and Ibrahim Fahmy. The star of this group was the striker Hussein Hegazi.

In 1915, Al Ahly made visits of Egyptian cities to play matches and to spread football and its culture. Al Ahly played in Alexandria, Harbour Said, Asyut, and Ismailia. The group, driven by the star Hussein Hegazy, confronted numerous groups, counting remote groups having a place to the British armed force, which expanded the notoriety of Al Ahly and the modern diversion in Egypt. Ahly contributed with Zamalek SC, El Sekka El Hadid SC within the arrangement of the primary football group of Egypt to take an interest within the Olympic recreations 1920. The club moreover contributed to the foundation of the Egyptian Football Affiliation. In 1923, Al Ahly played an dynamic part within the foundation of the Egyptian Tennis League.


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