Simba haina mpinzani kwa Rekodi za CAF,Simba ina rekodi kubwa CAF, Simba ndio klabu yenye rekodi kubwa CAf

Simba haina mpinzani kwa Rekodi za CAF

There are other histories that are very difficult to break. Such is the history of Simba and the competitions organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). It is a very interesting history. I have seen a lot of noise in the streets for some people pretending that they are the leaders in the competition. It is very surprising. The truth is clear. Simba is the first team in the country to do better in the CAF competition. It started in 1974 and is still doing well today.
In 1974 it reached the semi-finals of the African Champions League (now the Champions League). It is the first major record in the African competition to be set by the Tanzanian team. It was like a star starting to shine for Simba. 19 years later it was the final of the CAF Cup (a tournament merged with the Winners’ Cup to become the current African Confederation Cup). It became the first team for Tanzania to reach the final of the competition.
After Simba reached the final in 1993, it took 30 years for another Tanzanian team to reach that stage. It is Yanga that reached the final of the African Confederation Cup last season and missed out on winning the title on the away goal rule despite all the results being a 2-2 draw.
In other words, when Simba played in the CAF final that year, these young people shouting on the internet were not even born. It was not just a birth, nor was it known whether they would be born strangely, it is that today they are the first to challenge the Simba final

To be continued….


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