JKT Tanzania kutumia uwanja wa Chamazi mechi za nyumbani, JKT Tanzania kukipiga chamazi complex mechi za nymabani, JKT Tanzania kutumia dimba la chamazi complex michezo yake ya numbani, JKT Tanzania kutumia uwanja wa Azam fc kama uwanja wa mechi za nymbani

JKT Tanzania kutumia uwanja wa Chamazi mechi za nyumbani

The action of JKT Tanzania to choose the Azam Complex Stadium located in Dar es Salaam for all home games this season after the one in Kambarage, Shinyanga was blocked due to lack of criteria, has made the Azam club continue to reap the rewards through the one located in Chamazi.

The chairman of JKT Tanzania, Godwin Ekingo told Mwanaspoti, they have received a letter from the League Board (TPLB) for the closure of Kambarage Stadium which they used for the previous matches of this season and now they have decided to choose Azam Complex for the remaining matches at home.

“We have chosen Azam Complex for home games until we release another information, so we are only asking our fans to continue to support us as in the beginning, even though we realize the act of moving again has hurt them to a great extent,” said Ekingo.

JKT becomes the second team apart from Azam FC to use the field in home games this season after Yanga, which uses it while the first game for the fande team will be against Tabora United which will be played on October 25, at 10:00 pm.

The act of JKT to use the stadium, makes Azam ensure to enter Sh5.9 million as playing expenses for Tanzanian teams, while those outside the country are charged Sh11.7 million and this is for day or night matches.

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